M.A.Z.C.A. – First Hour Of Summer

An Italian post rock band – the Italians do it a tad bit different, a little heavier. Clocking in at thirty four minutes, M.a.z.c.a. has some nice wall-of-sound type music coming at us with this release from the Selva Elettrica net label. I’m not a big fan of the vox on track 6, as it causes us to step into the realm of shoegazer for a moment, but other than that this is an excellent release. M.a.z.c.a. isn’t afraid to try new and experimental things, such as all sorts of various instruments, adding vocals here and there – with and without words – and other interesting details that aren’t common in your garden variety postrock band. Enjoy!

M.a.z.c.a. – The First Hour Of Summer